What Are The Various Environmental Challenges Faced by Nigeria?

What Are The Various Environmental Challenges Faced by Nigeria?

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Different regions of this world face various environmental problems, and if you pay attention to Nigeria, you will get to know about its environmental issues. This place faces huge problems with its environment that is making it get into huge troubles. The people who live in Nigeria are facing such bad environments filled with pollution, desertification, overpopulation, deforestation, and many others. You must pay attention to all the problems to increase your current knowledge and help the people living there.

Most people live their lives as a burden because these environmental issues are creating such huge problems for them. It makes them suffer a lack of food, shelter, and many other things they are not getting more comfortable. Having a proper and safe livelihood, recreation, and infrastructural facilities plays a vital role, so you must know about it well. Once you understand the concept of environmental issues, you can easily deal with various situations.

Try to be attentive towards the below details as it will help you know about Nigeria’s various challenges. It will also help you to have some increase in your current knowledge and will allow you to make a good decision after knowing the condition of Nigeria.

Over Population

  • One of Nigeria’s most critical problems is overpopulation, which makes people feel suffocated as space is not much wider.
  • There is a huge problem of lack of shelter, food, recreation, and infrastructural facilities, which makes it difficult for people to survive with their children.
  • Once you get to know about Nigeria’s condition, you will feel bad and tend to learn more about their condition.


  • Due to overpopulation, people tend to cut more trees, make their own houses, and make their children and family live a safe life.
  • Once you understand their condition, you will know how hard life there are living; you will also help them.
  • Deforestation helps them get the wood to make their houses but leads to huge environmental problems and makes them suffer.


  • It is another environmental problem faced by Nigeria’s people as they tend to make houses and lead to destroying the areas for growing natural food.
  • If there is no place to grow natural food, it will directly lead to desertification and make people suffer huge losses.
  • When this problem occurs, it won’t get apart easily, but there is a way to help Nigerians get rid of this problem by opting for the natural agricultural method to get the food.


After considering the above points, you can get to know about Nigeria’s condition and get to know about the environmental condition there. Try to be attentive towards their condition so that you must opt for it if you can do anything for them. Once you understand Nigeria’s situation, you can imagine the conditions of other regions of the world. It will also help you to pay some attention to your region and allows you to have some sympathy towards it.