What Can We Do To Save Our Environment?

What Can We Do To Save Our Environment?

23/01/2020 0 By admin

We do not need to state how important our environment is and how it helps us reside. Environment means the surroundings we live in; the environment can also be damaged because of many reasons like global warming, pollution, cutting of trees, etc. Today our surroundings are getting hurt by us, and it is essential to save our environment because our life depends on our surroundings.

If we do not save our ecosystem, we cannot live there. As discussed, the main reason behind the damage to the environment is global warming. Global warming is due to many reasons increase in pollution and cutting of forests; these factors warm the earth, leading to damage to the planet. There are many factors responsible for increasing pollution, such as vehicle gases, industrial gases, and harmful pesticides in the land. Cutting our forest also warms our planet.

Now that we know how important our environment is let’s discuss things a common man can do to save the environment: –  

  • Use Reusable Bags: – Commonly used plastic grocery-bags or plastic bags are very harmful to our environment. These bags can also suffocate any animal, and this bag also takes a long time to decompose. So, whenever you are going out shopping, carry a reusable bag, reusable bags which have a longer life than any other plastic bag. If you use a reusable bag and not throw the bag immediately, it can save many resources. There are many shops which offer you a discount if your reusable bags. The basic idea of a reusable bag is that unlike any other plastic bag which would be thrown at one use, the reusable bag can be used for a long time. So, to save our environment, use reusable bags.
  • Print as little as necessary: – Papers are made by trees, most of the trees are cut for making paper. So, use the paper or print anything as much as you want, print less-important things, and don’t waste paper. So, to save the environment, do not waste any form. 
  • Recycle: – Recycling is the most effective and easy step to save our environment. Many garbage disposal companies offer you to decompose your waste. You can also put your recyclable waste in your recyclable trash to be differentiated from non-recyclable waste, and it can be decomposed.
  • Save electricity and water: Minimizing electricity and water usage can save us from any environmental harm. You can use energy-efficient bulbs instead of regular bulbs to save electricity. You can also save water by fixing the dipping water or off the faucet when you do not use it.
  • Have Carpools or use public transport: – Pollution is the leading cause behind and you can minimize it by having a carpool or using public transport as the number of vehicles on the road would be reduced pollution would be reduced. 

So we know how vital the environment, we should not damage our environment. Some of our day-to-day activities are dangerous to our surroundings. By following above-mentioned tips, you can easily make a difference in your surroundings.