Here Are The Basic Needs Which One Gets From Environment!

Here Are The Basic Needs Which One Gets From Environment!

30/03/2020 0 By admin

All human beings are depending on the environment because we take a lot of things from it such as land for living, air for breathing, water for living as well as food for eating. These things are highly important for a human being and for all the things which are living things. Environment plays a very important role in our life because without a healthy environment we will not be able to live and breathe in a right and accurate manner.

All the things are included in the environment which are listed as the basic needs for our day to day life. It is important for you to know that what are things which is been included in the environment and these are listed as living and non-living things. It will better be understood by you with the help of an example such as beach environment, forest, desert as well as arctic environment. 

Basic needs such as:

For living with the environment, it is important to consider air, water, land, soil, shelter and food for surviving. As a reason, not only human beings but animals, birds and plants too need all these things so that they will be able to breathe and live happily on the planet earth. Every individual who lives in the planet earth is required to maintain and take care of its natural resources. As a reason it offers us a lot of things and in return, we are not giving anything to the earth and not even keeping our environment clean.

What does plants need?

For surviving plants also needs water, proper sunlight, air, high space as well as other nutrients because they are biotic and living thing. All the living organisms which are living on the earth and in the environment require three basic things which are considered as air, water and land. As a reason, without air one will not be able to breathe properly, also without food one will not be able to eat anything, without water it is unbelievable to live on earth and without land one will not be able to stay. 

Understand the role of organism on the environment:

It is important for every individual who lives in earth to understand the role of organism on the environment such that producer, consumer and decomposer plays a very crucial working for the environment. Every individual and living thing require food, water, air and land for living whether it is animals, human beings or plants. 

Such that for forming a better survival it is also important for plants to get all the nutrients so that they will be able to survive appropriately. The role pf producers is to make the food by consuming water, light as well as proper amount of nutrients because all these things are equally important for survival. 

Last words,

Considering all the things which is listed in the above section is highly important to know the basic needs which is provided by the environment for forming a better survival.