Why is soil important for the earth? Will human lives get affected without it?

Why is soil important for the earth? Will human lives get affected without it?

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The soil is enabling us to have the ecosystem services critical for life, as the soil is acting as the filter for the water, and it is growing as the medium. Such a medium enables us to have the habitat for billions of organisms that cannot be seen from the naked eyes. These organisms contribute to biodiversity and provide a vast number of antibiotics that can be used for fighting numerous health disorders.

Whereas most of us are unaware of the fact that the soil is responsible for doing numerous tasks that include the ecosystem services, water filtration, climate changes, etc. we humans are using soil as the holding facility for the solid waste and for getting the filtered wastewater. Moreover, there are several more facts and information that you need to know about soil is here; take a look at the points mentioned below:-

Crucial facts that we need to know about soil:-

  • Climate changes:- 

Rare people are aware of the fact that 35% of greenhouse gases (GHG) have been released into the atmosphere due to the activities that are denoted as anthropogenic. On the other hand, the soil is the organic matter that offers humans an incredible range of benefits.

The filtration process enhances water retention and storage as well; these activities are impacting the extreme weather events. Moreover, the soil structure can be improved with its help, but there should be a reduction in the soil erosion that will provide the microbial habitats and serve the resources of the long-term and slow release of the nutrients.

  • Helps us in agricultural fields:-

With the help of a perfect and sufficient amount of soils, the farmers will produce crops, which is how humans are getting food. The human existence on earth is maintained with the help of soil. Without soil, there will be no food and no proper scheduling of climatic changes.

These changes are going to impact the human habitat negatively and disturb the life cycle completely. Without soil, there will be no life existence as we all know that soil is having millions of microorganisms. These are the creatures that cannot be seen from the naked eyes, and en number of such species is still unknown.

  • Different soil produces a variety of crops:-

There are massive ranges of soils available, but there is the fact that we should know, different soils produce a variety of crops. These are the crops that can be created or cultivated with perfect soil; in the U.S., more than 70,000 different soils are available. If you want to get the cotton, you need to make sure you are planting the plant in the black soil.

The conclusion

We are here along with the closure that defines the variety of soils that serve the humans and other creatures with a different range of products and services. Without soil, there will be no human or other life existence that can stay on earth.