Overexploitation is a serious threat to Environment and we should take enough measures to stop it

Overexploitation is a serious threat to Environment and we should take enough measures to stop it

10/10/2020 Off By admin

A human being is quite ambitious and they always wanted to move further and do some improvements. For this, we have been removing the forest, killing several animals, removing the natural inhabitants from their natural places, and many others. The major concern is using the natural resources recklessly without even thinking that what will happen in the future. What we are going to give to our forthcoming generations?

It is time to think about our actions and where we are leading to our planet. We have to ensure that our coming generations should be able to survive well. There is no sense in doing such progress when our generation can hardly even survive. Earn the money that you can donate to NGOs that care for the environment. Play simple and interactive betting games at UFABET168.

Survival question

Now you may be thinking that from where this problem of survival is taking birth. Now it is time to stop for a second and look in your surroundings. Everyone is trying to use natural resources as much as they can. They are not even concerned about the poor conditions of the natural resources, carbon omission, level of pollution, and mutation in the genes of many plants and animals.

Indeed, we are running in the rat race of polluting our earth more and more. You can see that to expand the geographical boundaries many countries are still spending thousands of resources every year. They have been doing several experiments on radioactive weapons, atomic bombs, and many more. All these things are very harmful.


Due to overexploitation of everything we are also killing the biodiversity in our surroundings. We are making concrete forests despite the natural forest and reducing the level of oxygen which is life for everyone. What do you think about it and how long will this be going on. There will be a time when we will be struggling hard to breathe in the natural air. We should keep working in this context and make sure that we should know about the results of doing things in a normal manner. We should know about the level of harmful gases and the need for more tree plantations.

Enough research is required

Every country should involve in a combined effort to invent new ways of doing things. They must be able to find the new methods by which we can get the target of sustainable development. This can bring revolutionary changes in the present state of the earth and make things better for living.

In the future, no amount of natural resources will be left if we will overexploit everything recklessly. It is time to move in the right direction and think about sustainable development on the resources. By doing this we can leave the natural resource for the coming generation and give them a ray of hope for a better and dignify lifestyle. It is time to protect marine life and wild animals.