Air pollution and its health effects for the people of different age group

Air pollution and its health effects for the people of different age group

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In the entire world, the problem of air pollution has increased in several folds. This is creating serious trouble for many people. The problem is more intensive for those who are going through serious respiratory diseases like asthma. Many countries have done remarkable work in this context and they are actively searching the new ways to bring down the air pollution level in their countries. Earn the money to protect yourself from air pollution by playing simple and interactive betting games at เว็บบอลยูฟ่า.

Level of air pollution

In many countries, the contamination level of the air is very high. This includes the mixture of the harmful chemical and biological particles in the air. Urban air quality and indoor air qualities are the two serious issues in many countries. One should know the right way to understand the issue of air pollution and take security measures in every context. Even the developed countries are taking serious actions to measure the level of pollution and take action accordingly. This is necessary and one must never ignore the fact.

Adverse health effects of air pollution

We can divide the adverse effects of air pollution into two major categories namely, long term and short terms. It is seen in many surveys and studies that children and elderly people are running at a high risk of getting serious health problems because of air pollution.

In the short-term problems, you can clearly see some adverse effects like redness in eyes, breathlessness, irritation in nose and throat, severe to a mild headache, allergies, and several others. In the same manner, you can find the long terms impacts on health which might include problems like cancer in the lungs, damage of the brain, liver diseases, damage to the kidney, cardiac diseases and respiratory problems, etc. And to further boost your immune system, it is advised to do engage in some sports like ice skating and use stylish pair of ice skates from

Protection measurements

Now you must be thinking about the right sort of protection measurements against air pollution. It is necessary to face the problem of air pollution. It is time to take security measures in every context. It is time to understand the fact that not a single person or a country can make a difference to reduce the air pollution level down in the entire world. To make a significant improvement everyone should work in the right direction and mutual efforts are required here.

Involvement of national government

The national government should start the drives and awareness programs on the world level to make everyone aware of it. We should work together as per the international guidelines of the WHO to bring down the level of air pollution in the overall world. Certainly, there should be a break on the deforestation. There must be fixed forest land to maintain a good level of oxygen in the air.

Stopping the forest fire is the next thing that everyone should take into consideration. It is seen that in most of the forests, fire is the biggest reason. The best way to maintain that is by giving the forest land to the tribes for the lease and let them use the conventional way of maintenance. In some parts of the world, this method is working very well.